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Key Partners in Education

Northwestern Settlement has partnered broadly and deeply to create and operate Rowe Elementary School

Jeanne and John Rowe are the namesakes of Rowe Elementary School. The Rowes have long supported education reform, with a special interest in charter schools. As naming donors, the Rowe family has shown a remarkable willingness to commit their time, energy, and resources to helping Rowe Elementary School reach its goal of becoming the best charter grammar school in Chicago. In addition to their founding gift in 2009, the Rowe family announced a $2M matching gift challenge in 2012, and they are regular classroom volunteers as well. John Rowe is the former Chairman and CEO of Exelon, which has provided over $1M in philanthropy to the school, and currently helps support its science programming.

CPS is the charter authorizer for Rowe Elementary School. In its first year Rowe shared space with another charter school; in 2010, CPS was instrumental in securing a permanent campus for Rowe. Northwestern Settlement’s partnership with CPS dates back to 1999 with the establishment of Noble Street College Prep.

Since 2007, Bain has spent several million dollars of pro bono work and over $500,000 in philanthropy towards making Rowe Elementary School a reality. Bain’s support has included best practice research to apply key lessons from the best-performing charter schools nationwide, school startup tools to help leadership manage the process, financial model and analysis to help set budgets and sustain growth, assessment analysis tool to help teachers analyze test results and customize instruction, and more. Bain employees also have membership on the Northwestern Settlement Board of Directors, host scholar field trips to the Bain offices, and volunteer and tutor at the school.

Rowe Elementary School is committed to creating a strong community presence by bringing together local businesses, organizations and supporters of our school and the overall Settlement Community.

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