Our Approach and Philosophy

Our Values as a Rowe Community

Rowe has grown from a school of 125 scholars to a school with more than 1,000 scholars. What attracts many of our families, as well as many of our staff, to Rowe are the values the school believes in. Our work in this area revolves around defining what those values mean for us as a much larger school and how we, as adults, internalize and embody our values of PRIDESUCCESS, and HONOR.

We best serve our students and their families by instilling in them the college mindset — holistically preparing them to successfully navigate the road to college graduation. We believe that our community is full of brilliant young people who, when provided an excellent education, are able to compete at colleges across the country.

Three goals encompass our approach and help us achieve our vision:


When we say we instill the college mindset, we mean that we familiarize or scholars and their families with the idea of going to college – what college means, what it takes to be academically and socially ready for college, and what it takes to get into college. We believe this preparation cannot begin too early, so beginning with kindergarten we build familiarity with college. Our classrooms are named after universities, we provide college visits and presentations so that our scholars and families can learn and be well informed.


We expect more. We know that in order for our scholars to be successful in college they must have the academic skills to do so. This rigor begins in kindergarten. We believe in rigor in all content areas – literacy, math, science, social studies, arts, music, and physical education.

We utilize curriculum created by experts and supplement it with real-time data from classrooms with the support of Deans of Academics and Social Emotional Learning & Culture. We make data driven decisions and continuously reflect on ways to improve and maximize all instructional opportunities.


Future success depends not only on academics but also on social and emotional intelligence. We teach our scholars to develop self-awareness, social awareness, and responsible decision making. By doing so, our scholars will be prepared to be good citizens.

At Rowe Elementary School, Social Emotional Learning is an integral part of our school culture, our focus on academics, and our commitment to teach discipline. We explicitly teach, model, practice, and provide opportunities for our scholars to practice these skills. Additionally, the Family CARES Center, through the Settlement, provides onsite mental health services to children and families while the Food Pantry & Support Services provides quick, caring, and immediate support to emergency needs.

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